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Rynek Podgórski

Podgórze is a historic district of Krakow, which had been a separate city until 1915. The Podgórze Market Square, surrounded by beautiful tenement houses, is in the heart of this district, with apartments for rent located close by.

The settlement was raised to the rank of the city in 1784, receiving the name Josefstadt. It was a political act on part of the Emperor Joseph II. The dynamically developing Podgórze, with the salt route to Wieliczka and Bochnia running through it, was to compete with Krakow. The Podgórze Market Square was also set out at that time, at a triangular place where the roads to Krakow, Kalwaria and Wieliczka crossed.

Historic buildings are there in the Market Square for you to admire: former inns, the classicist Dom pod Jeleniami and Dworek pod Czarnym Orłem, as well as Dworek pod Białym Orłem, the first town hall in the Podgórze district. The church of St. Joseph, built at the beginning of the 20th century, is also located in the Podgórski Market.

This is certainly an interesting place for anyone who would like to see something more than the Main Market Square and the Wawel Castle.